"S3XMODIT" refers to sample-based tracker music modules in the formats ".s3m", ".xm", ".mod", or ".it". These are songs written specifically to fit in with the limitations of old DOS-era music trackers. Since I particularly like optimization, I often aim to bring the filesize of my modules as low as possible without compromising the (relative) fidelity of the audio and/or composition. On this page you can download all of the modules I have completed and feel like sharing. Many of them are short, some of them are good, and most of them were made for one-hour compos.

These were all written in OpenMPT, and can be listened to in it as well. I suggest using linear resampling, but fuck it, it's your life. You can also listen in my preferred music player, WACUP.

I actually use an old version of Winamp from before some kind of venture-capital parasite started puppeting its long-dead body and dragged a faux-Spotify skin over its decomposed face, but it's simpler to tell you to just use WACUP.

accumulator.it 163kb

arc_quake.it 3.99kb

arcade_gannon.it 14.7kb

ben_affleck_dating_a_lesbian.it 9.13kb

big_fat_panda_tits.it 7.81kb

blade_of_the_milfseeker.it 3.75kb

breaklyn.it 7.52kb

burning_staircase.it 82.3kb

chimpy.it 41.2kb

clay_the_element_of_tennis.it 3.99kb

cool_tea_squad.xm 264kb

couldnt_tell_ya_man.xm 17kb

crisp_beast.it 36.9kb

cut_in2_ribbons.it 2.67kb

drainfly_girl_in_soapscum_world.it 10.8kb

eatin_my_omelett.it 3.94kb

groundcar.it 23.9kb

honk_schrader.it 7.83kb

ice_cream_antisocial.it 689kb

inkdrinker.xm 7.93kb

i_miss_cold_tech.xm 175kb

johan_liebert.it 18.9kb

last_cold_snap_before_i_snap_back.it 7.79

legend_of_fluffy_warrior.it 20.6kb

man_hat_2_small.xm 172kb

marios_beautiful_dark_twisted_fantasy.it 65.3kb

mario_in_the_world_of_cruel_illusion.it 57.5kb

mountain_pass.xm 611kb

mowed_flowers.it 5.87kb

necromechatechnics.it 8.09kb

nobody_noticed.it 21.9kb

normal_fishing.it 27.2kb

oo_ooh_oo_AA_AAA_AAAAAA.it 3.85kb

pictures_of_the_real_world.xm 72.8kb

saltmarsh.xm 7.43kb

sealife_seedeath.xm 14kb

she_moved_from_canada.it 9.77kb

silkied_micro_and_CROWLESS_to_boot.it 16kb

sister_hoodie.it 13.2kb

terragen.it 28.4kb

that_one_girl_in_rehab_who_dont_play_about_lil_peep.xm 201kb

that_season_will_never_come.it 7.9kb

the_obvious_joke.it 41.9kb

this_was_fun.it 2.75kb

time_forgery.it 12.1kb

timid_flame.it 3.67kb

your_new_thursday_forever.xm 8.86kb

you_were_late_for_dinner_i_was_late_for_lunch.xm 160kb