Buster is a short visual novel detailing the final 8 matches of a fighting game tournament in New York City, where the rising star player Jacob Grimmer, owner of the titular tag "BUSTER" intends to win it all. But there's 7 other players, with their own lives and their own worlds, fighting just as hard for the same exact thing.

While an attempt was made in early 2019 to start this project, it was shelved until just recently (recently referring to late 2023, in case I don't update this for far too long.) Considering the small scope, it's entirely possible you're going to be seeing this one in 2024. Maybe even within the first half of it.


Pavement the Lizard is a story that follows the members of a band which sometimes doubles as a criminal organization called "The F.S.", started by titular character Pavement and their cousin, Plywood, across key points in the members' personal and professional development in 2006, 2009, and 2012 - three heists that shape the future of the band and its members.

This project has been functionally in pre-production since 2020. If you remember the failed attempt at starting it as a weird "magical realism" sadboy webcomic from late 2019, no you don't. It's still up in the air what format the story will even take: I would obviously prefer to make an animated series, but that's basically out of the question for a lone creator with no money. A comic could be feasible, but if I have to do it all myself, I'd prefer to make it a kinetic novel so that it can contain music. Either way, expect it, but don't expect it soon.


Uphell is a 2D action game styled after Devil May Cry and Sekiro, created by myself and Slogbait, and it's all about how fucked up it would be if a mountain just came out of the ground one day and it turned out that inside the mountain was Hell. The main character is a girl named Vive, circus acrobat and knife-throwing prodigy, who travels to the mountain and fights the demi-god Crow in an attempt to save the demon princess Sola. That's probably all that's happening. It's really that simple, so don't look too much into it.

Uphell has been in and out of various states of semi-active development for so much longer than I'd like to admit, but it's still a very dear project to my heart. We intend on completing a demo in order to entice people to a Kickstarter so that we have the means to focus on it as a main, full-time project. I have no idea when that's going to happen. But it will.


Wayfarer is a novel about ex-soldier Xavier Maese, exiled after the regime she served was deposed by a revolution started by her own brother. With no other recourse, she wanders through Laori, the country she was born in that she'd long since left behind, being targeted all the while by the designs of a strange alchemist, Raize Altrue, who seems to think she is the key to changing his own sordid past.

A rough first draft of the book was completed in December of 2022, and it is in the editing and revision phase now. I would like it to become available for the general public sooner than later, but I know nothing about publishing and am really dragging my ass on editing. Expect it... I don't know... at some point...


Haruspex is a kinetic novel released on December 19th, 2018. It follows the exploits of demon summoners, druids, shamans, and a particularly grumpy merchant who travel across the fictional lands of Perennia and "Otherworld" in antiquity, all tied together by the conniving of a man named Asklepios.

To be honest, I don't think this one got enough time in the oven, nor am I very proud of it at all anymore. I now consider it just a "beta" of the story I intended it to be, and I plan on eventually revising the entire project with new artwork, new music, and to revise and expand all the writing. Still, I'm hesitant to just yank it off the internet in case someone else would be upset by that, so you can still download this version for the foreseeable future.


A few years after (and across the ocean from) the events of Haruspex, the land of Atonia is ravaged by the "Holy War" between mankind and demons. With nothing left but each other, the bastard-turned-trickster Alude and the noblewoman-turned-berserker Oen carve a swath of violence through the land, bound together by their shared oath to kill every last demon, all while seeking answers and closure for their interrupted pasts.

This will be another visual novel, unless it isn't. Most of it has already been planned, a lot of it has already been written. You're getting it when you get it. I have no idea when.